Invisible warrior, Mirai


“What sword is the scariest sword in the world?”

Soared in flames from everywhere. People running away from the flames and smoke were struck by the sword swinging at the entrance.

“A heavy sword like a mountain, a light sword like feathers, a sharp sword that cuts even the air, a dull sword that destroys before cutting…”

The bodies piled up like a mountain, and blood flowed like a river. At the end of the river, the eyes of a purple being in huge armor are smiling as if burning.

“...No, the scariest sword is…”

The long shadow of the enemy fluttered for a moment.

“It is the invisible sword.”

The flutter disappeared, and the sword that pierced the neck of a huge armor began to be seen.

3 unique skills per hero


New skills unlock as you upgrade your Hero. At maximum Hero Grade 5, the battle begins with the first and second skills activated. Hero skills become more powerful as you level up your hero on the battlefield.


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